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The Talent Engagement Ecosystem

We help in building, showcasing and finding talent.

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Our Story

There are a lot of tools available to a professional these days. But most of them are dis-engaged. Helping with only certain parts of their professional career. Some help you find a job but don't tell you how to go about it. Others offer learning services but are completely disjoint with market needs.

We see this gap and wonder - can this not be done better. Is there no way to bring all the pieces of the talent ecosystem together and give our professionals a single platform for all their career needs.

This is how t_steps - the talent engagement ecosystem was born.

With t_steps, we bring to you:

The Futurist Technology

We go beyond Al, analytics, big data, predictive technology and hybrid search. We have incorporated futuristic technology like blockchain and other innovative & disruptive technologies to create a transparent, ethical and dynamic talent discovery landscape.

The Past Experience

We apply 20+ years of hardcore Staffing & Hiring experience to shape the technology to the needs of the industry. While deep-diving into the technology of the future, we use practical learning from our past experience to make our solutions more convenient for the job-seekers as well as recruiters.

Our Products

ai application tracking

An Umbrella Recruitment Management Platform

single flow candidate management
data-driven recruitment insights
integration with popular hiring platforms
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